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We are here for you, with local, helpful and friendly customer service.  We  stock the latest furnaces and many parts.  MCS Bank offers customer financing with GREAT rates and awesome customer service!

Here's How It Works

How a Central Boiler Outdoor Furnace cleanly, safely and efficiently Heats Your Home.

Enjoy the heat Inside!   Keep the MESS (bugs, spiders, mud, ash, etc.) and RISK (chimney fire, termites, smoke, carbon dioxide, etc) Outside.  Watch the video to learn more about the safe and effective appraoch to heating.

SELECT A FUEL - Central Boiler has a solution THAT's RIGHT for you

Wood? --> Classic Edge


 Burning wood for heat has been used for centuries, but it also is relevant and useful today.  Using wood in a clean, efficient outdoor burner has been shown to be better for the environment than letting the trees decay in the forest. 

Pellets or Corn? --> Maxim


  Clean and EPA certified for corn or wood pellets, Central Boiler's Maxim outdoor furnace is the best way to heat with bio fuel.  Both fuels (wood pellets or corn) are plentiful and a sustainable and cost-effective ways to heat your home and domestic hot water.  

Coal? --> Forge


 While not renewable resources, we realize coal is a viable home heating option for many people.  Central Boiler's Forge line of outdoor furnaces are EPA certified for use with hard or soft coal.  It's a cleaner way to heat with coal.  


Helpful Videos


We can install it for you, but the helpful videos from Central Boiler make installation super easy for homeowners to save additional costs

FireStar XP Controller


Stay connected and informed.  The FIRESTAR XP Controller has been optimized to keep your unit performing at peak efficiency.

Awesome Support Portal


Get answers, part diagrams and useful information for your specific furnace from the new and extremely helpful Support Portal.

What's This Going to COST ?

** NOTE: Prices listed do not include Pennsylvania Sales Tax, freight, delivery OR INTEGRATIONS. The prices also don't include special promotions or incentives which can save you money.