Green Heat and Energy Solutions, LLC

Hydro Power

Micro Hydro Power harnesses the power of flowing water from a stream, river or brook

Constant flow = Constant Electricity

The clear advantage of hydro (or water) power is that a flowing stream can be harnessed to produce electricity around the or night...and often all year long.   This is a great source of renewable energy for people with flowing water. 

Customized Solutions

Because each stream, river or creek is unique, we will develop a customized hydro plan to capture the power of flowing (or falling) water, while without impacting the native fish and wildlife.  The result is a source of dependable renewable energy electricity for you without risking environmental harm.

How much will this cost?

It depends.  Like solar, component prices have dropped in the past few years and continue to decrease.  Unlike solar, however, the cost for hydro solutions are driven by the amount of labor (engineering and installation) required.  Contact us to schedule a free site survey.