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Heating with Wood Pellets

Energex Premium Wood Pellets


Not all wood pellets are created equal...that's why we've teamed up with Energex for their Premium Hardwood Pellets.

Central Boiler Maxim Outdoor Pellet or Corn Furnace

Central Boiler outdoor pellet or corn stove furnace EPA certified Maxim

Clean and EPA certifed for corn or wood pellets, Central Boiler's Maxim outdoor furnace is the best way to heat with bio fuel. 

Cost Effective and Renewable Heat


Pellets and corn are plentiful and one of the most cost-effective ways to heat your home.   They are clean and a sustainable fuel.

Compare Fuel Costs to Pellets


Compare the cost of non-renewable fuels such as heating oil and propane to clean, renewable energy from hardwood pellets.

See How it Works


This video shows how a Maxim outdoor pellet or corn furnace from Central Boiler can keep you warm and save you money.

How Many Pellets Will I Need?

Central Boiler Maxim pellet fuel calculator

Central Boiler's calculator helps you determine how many pellets you may need based on your historical heating costs.

Sample Pricing

Central Boiler Maxim (Outdoor Corn or Pellet burner)

Central Boiler Maxim

Central Boiler's Maxim outdoor corn or pellet furnace is clean, efficient and EPA certified and qualifies for the 30% Federal tax incentive for bio fuel.  $9,100**

Energex Premium Hardwood Pellets

Energex Premium Hardwood Pellets - Bag

Don't settle for low quality pellets which could clog up your burner...insist on Energex Premium Hardwood Pellets.  On sale for $4.20 per 40-pound bag or $210 per ton**

Central Boiler ThermoPex Insulated Pipe

ThermoPex insulated underground tubing pipe

Rated to loose less than 1 degree per 100 feet, Central Boiler's ThermoPex is an investment in your comfort.  $12.75/ft 

** Notes on Pricing