REC 290 Watt TwinPeak2 Solar Module - OUT OF STOCK


OUT OF STOCK! -- REC TwinPeak 2 Series 290 watt module.  Launched in 2015, The TwinPeak series won the Intersolar Award for "Photovoltaics" that same year.

The TwinPeak 2 series uses two new technologies in panel manufacture to increase output and reduce affects of shading.  

  • New to the industry at large is the PERC (Passive Emitter Rear Cell) technology, which adds an additional layer at the back of the panel to reflect back into the silicon some of the light that would normally pass straight through the panel and escape, allowing for a small increase in harvested power for the given space. 
  • Half-cut cell technology is another new feature, dividing the traditional 60 cells of the panel into 120 half cells.  Along with new wiring traces, the resulting layout is a total of 6 parallel strings of cells, divided into 3 strings per half of panel.  Traditional 60 cell panels use 3 parallel strings total.  Shade on one string does not affect the production of other strings.  Having 6 strings vs. 3 strings will allow the panel to continue producing higher amounts of power in a variety of shading condtions.

Power: 290 watts 
Vmp: 32.1 V 
Voc: 38.8 V 
Imp: 9.05 A 
Isc: 9.58 A
Efficiency: 17.4%

65.94" x 39.25" x 1.5 ", 42 lbs 

Split junction box, 35" positive lead, 47" negative lead
Multicrystalline cells
MC4 Connector 
Black frame
10 year product warranty/25 year performance warranty