Heating with Wood

Benefits of Wood

Burning wood for heat has been used for centuries, but it also is relevant and useful today.  Using wood in a clean, efficient outdoor burner has been shown to be better for the environment than letting the trees decay in the forest.

Cost effective!

Use the fuel in your own backyard.  In many cases, the wood used to heat your home and domestic hot water is FREE.  Even if you buy wood, it is a low cost and plentiful resource.   And it's renewable, so you could plant more trees and have an endless fuel supply.

Safe and Clean

We are sold on the model of an outdoor furnace...Leave the RISK outside.  No one wants a chimney fire or to worry about carbon monoxide poising.  It also keeps the MESS outside...no bugs, spiders, ants or ash to track through the house. 

Central Boiler Classic Edge

Central Boiler is the undisputed leader in outdoor wood stoves.  Their line of clean, efficient and EPA-certified "Titanium" Edge outdoor wood furnaces are reliable, easy to use and simple to maintain.  They come with a 25-year warranty upon registration. 

Cleaner Coal Heat

While not renewable resources, we realize coal is a viable home heating option for many people.  Central Boiler's Forge line of outdoor furnaces are EPA certified for use with hard or soft coal.  It's a cleaner way to heat with coal. 

Insulated Underground Pipe

Central Boiler Insulated Underground Pipe Tubing PEX ThermoPex

The absolute best way to get the heated water from the outdoor burner to your home is by using Central Boiler's ThermoPex.  It is two 1-inch Pex pipes surrounded by high-density foam in a protective casing.

Sample Pricing

Central Boiler "Titanium" Classic Edge 350

 The "Titanium" Edge 350 makes heating with wood fun and inexpensive.  Free 25-year warranty upon registration.  $7,585** 

Central Boiler "Titanium" Classic Edge 550

The "Titanium" Edge 550 is the easiest EPA-certified outdoor wood furnace to own,  operate and maintain.  $9,465**

Central Boiler "Titanium" Classic Edge 750

The "Titanium" Edge 750 has a stainless steel firebox bonded to a carbon steel water jacket...no rust worries!  $11,795**

Central Boiler Forge 1500

Clean and EPA certified for coal, the Central Boiler Forge 1500 is able to heat your home and shop with 150K BTUs.  $6,995**

Central Boiler Forge 3500

The Central Boiler Forge 3500 really heats things up with ~350K BTUs.  EPA certified for hard or soft coal.  $8,575** 

Central Boiler ThermoPex

Rated to loose less than 1 degree per 100 feet, Central Boiler's ThermoPex is an investment in your comfort.  $12.75/ft

** Notes on Outdoor Furnace Pricing

Other Cost Considerations

Prices listed do not include Pennsylvania Sales Tax, freight or delivery.  

The prices also don't include special promotions or incentives which can save you money.

Other Components

We offer a wide range of options to integrate the money-saving outdoor hydronics to your existing home heating system.  We can integrate into almost any house...forced air, radiant, radiators, and the list goes on.


Many customers choose to install their new Central Boiler outdoor furnace using the excellent DIY tutorials available from the Central Boiler website.  For those customer who don't have the desire or time to do this, we offer full installation services.